Monday, February 16, 2009

2/14/09 Holidays & Horses

Jenn came over early in the am - made for a great start to the day. We laughed a LOT about the past week, things going on around my life & hers. Big giggles make for great lessons.

Ransom was up for the day - about an hour on the lunge line. We worked on walk, trot, canter, side reins attached. I dropped stirrups just a bit, but mostly worked on seat & getting back in rhythm with the big fella. Jenn nabbed a handful of pictures of us during our walk-out cool down. They're all great! Thank you thank you! After the lesson, we went in, looked at vacation pictures, laughed a bit more, and talked through life. Need that every once in a while, ya know? It gets awful quiet in my little head living alone.

I grabbed my western saddle, changed clothes, and went to Les' house. We were supposed to check cows, but the weather changed those plans. It was raining steadily when I got there - that nagging drizzle that tells me, "It's fine to stay inside today. You don't need to look at cows... really."

Instead, I put my saddle on Sugar, and learned how to open & close gates on her. She was a great teacher. Les saddled Blue, worked the gate (halter only - cool!). We finished up walking up the front yard, and around his smaller pasture. Sugar is, well, sensitive. The slightest leg cue, and it's off to the races. I'm aware of this - it's in her training, and Les wants her that way. It makes her hard for me to ride - I go from resting legs on Ransom, light leg on Romeo, to "NO" leg on Sugar. Makes her a little difficult - stay relaxed, but not too much.

My V-Day was, good. Talked to some friends, T and P from LA both called, and I got a sweet "thank you for the card" - much appreciated. I'm not as "bah humbug" this year as in years past. I don't find myself dying to have someone around, though it sure would be nice. What did one friend tell me about a year ago... "Wrong person, right time, right geography... Right person, wrong time, wrong geography"?? Something like that.

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