Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shout Out - Smart Pak

I growled at the AQHA, and after today's call to SmartPak, I'm going to give them a ShoutOut where they deserve it.

Called them this morning after Romeo's order arrived last night. See, I decided to use up Chewie's paks on Ransom, noticing he was a little stiff. He's loosened up pretty good on the supplements I had Chew on, and I figured it was a good way to use 'em up. When Romeo's order arrived, I realized I had forgotten to call them before running out, and needed to scramble quick for a new order for Ransom.

The rep that answered the phone was cheerful & helpful, just like every other SmartPak person I've talked to. We talked about the supplement he was using, other things that are similar but less expensive. We also discussed Ransom's size, age, purpose, and things I'd like to do with him. The rep asked, "What color is he?" I explained him, and said, "Right now, he looks like a poofball." She laughed, and said, "That happens at our house too, even when we've got them all blanketed."

My new order is placed for Ransom, should be here in 4-5 business days. That leaves Ransom a little short, but starting on his new supplements when I return from vacation.

SmartPak is the way to go if you supplement! When you consider your time, and the hassle of preparing supplements from a large container, along with shelf life, this is much easier. No running out to the feedstore near closing time to find out they're out of your supps. No calling mail order companies and paying insane overnight delivery charges because you forgot to order before running out. They're packed up easily, shipped on a routine basis, and anytime anything needs changing with any horse, they're kind and helpful over the phone. I've called at least a dozen times, and never once have I been connected with an impolite or snotty representative. I've ordered tack supplies, supplements, holiday gifts, and never once had a bad ordering experience.

YAY SmartPak!!!

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