Monday, February 23, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

How nifty neat! An award! That sums my list to TWO! Pretty nifty! Gotta love the internet, where I'm opening myself and my boys up to all kinds of readers. Thanks Linda at The Mane Point for the gift!

The next seven... oooh.. Seven... Is she kidding? I don't read that much, at least I don't think so!

FSSunnySD - adding a warm cup of hot chocolate to last the rest of winter
PonyGirl - Appys are COOL!
TexasOfAllPlaces - Keep getting in the habit!
Jessie And Remington - Blog more! I miss your riding updates!

That's all I've got for now... I really don't read much, and try to focus on the little-rider and teacher updates, where I can learn something myself...

For Ya'll to follow when you find this...
Here are the rules, if you have been chosen:
1) Write a post (on your own blog), announcing that you have received the Honest Scrap award. Be sure to mention How Did This Happen?, the blog that conferred the Honest Scrap Award upon you. Add the Honest Scrap Award graphic.

2) Choose at least seven blogs that you admire. List these (with links) in your Honest Scrap Award blog entry.

3) Visit the blogs you have selected, and leave comments to let the bloggers know you have chosen to honor them with the Honest Scrap Award. Include a link to your blog post in each comment. (Click here for instructions on making simple active-links for blog comments.)

4) Visit the blog that offered you the Honest Scrap Award, and leave a comment with a link to your post.

5) List ten honest things about yourself. Try to have fun with this one, and include facts others may not already know about you.

6) Display the Honest Scrap Award proudly on your blog sidebar.
My TEN honest things::
1) I'm terrified of failure
2) I love being a chemist
3) I'm learning to be comfortable single & searching (stress the & searching part)
4) I'm an only child
5) I own a .410 over/under shotgun, and I've used it on a few raccoons and opossums
6) I'm vertically challenged, at only 5'3"&3/4" (But let's all round up to 5'4", eh?)
7) I'm stubborn, and often impatient (a 2-for-1 on my imperfections)
8) I was a NAMB summer missionary in Illinois during college
9) I enjoy singing in church choir, and had a really cool solo part yesterday (2/22/09)
10) I hate cheating more than lying


Mrs Mom said...

Thank you Jennifer! I'll get this up quick for you to enjoy my 10 things ;)

Have an awesome day there!

SunnySD said...

Thank you, thank you! What a neat thing to discover in my email this evening! I'm very flattered, and will display it with pride.

Jessie said...

Thanks so much for including me! I know I need to blog more!!! I will get it up on my next post.

The Mane Point said...

Cool list.

Aha! Another chorister. (Of course, solos are out of my league.)

I used to be 5'3.25, until I was tossed from a 16.3 hh horse. A spinal compression fracture made me 5'3 even. ;-)