Monday, February 23, 2009

2/21/09 Lessons

Ransom is awesome, yet again. Worked on the lunge line (side reins 4s, but headed to 5s for next work). Got in plenty of time at sitting trot, and a good deal of canter work, again without the saddle-pommel death grip. It's getting easier and easier. I'm curious what will happen the first time I'm faced with a set of reins in my hands - I'm learning well how to balance my seat and legs... but it's real easy to gather up the reins tight and assume that gives me "more control."

Finished up the Ransom time with a TON of trot on the rail, off the line. Whoopie!!! As I'm typing this, I'm realizing I had loose reins quite a bit of the time. I held just a bit shorter than the last leather spot on the reins. Ransom happily plodded along, heading into good corners, nice & calm on the rail. Jenn said to me at one point, "See, even when he goes fast, he doesn't go THAT fast?!"

Romeo,,, a whole 'nother story. He chose Saturday to be a complete Turd. Jenn set up a trail course, of a rope gate to open & close, rails to walk over, cones to trot around, the L-pattern to walk through & back up. He was refusing (!) to turn on haunches to the left (off right leg). Refusing! Ended up with spurs on, and a training fork to keep his head from flinging all over. It took well into 45 minutes before he finally decided working was easier than fighting. We ended on a good note, but not much training for me other than perseverance.


The Mane Point said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the reins. Why do we treat a few strips of leather like a security blanket when we're mounted on a horse?

And how many horses go vertical, simply because riders get too tuggy?

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Jennifer said...

Wow! An award?! Seriously?!? Holy Cool!

I'll work on it here in a bit..

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