Monday, February 23, 2009

2/20/09 Both Boys

Ransom - Saint

Romeo - Turd

:) How's that for the Reader's Digest version of the story? Ransom worked with me on the lunge line (colleague holding the line), walk, trot, canter. (Side Reins on 4s) I had some sets of sitting trot with hands on my helmet, and a few sets of canter with hands free in front of me, pretending to hold the reins. Ransom got about a 40minute workout, and finished out free-lunge jumping over the little vertical rail. He loves it - gets real happy to the fence, and stays really calm after. It's cute - trot to, canter from.. very adorable.

Romeo got a stinkbug going - He was mostly okay, but really didn't want to work the gates like he had been. I should have gotten out spurs right then and there, but I persisted (and again, that proved to be a problem Saturday). Totally, he wasn't horrible, but just a little stiff. His sidepasses were stickie, his gate work was really stickie, all his forward gates were good. The friend that held the lunge line hopped on Romeo and rode a little. I got a huge laugh - Friend set up rails for Romeo last spring when I was doing the hunter series - constantly telling me "eyes up" in front of the fences. Well, I had a ground rail set up in between the standards. Next I know, friend is trotting Romeo towards the rail, staring at it. I hollered "Eyes UP, or he'll stop!" Friend stared aimlessly at the sky in no particular direction, and Romeo paused briefly before stepping over the rail.

Two decent rides, but Ransom surely was the better companion this day.

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