Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LA 2/10/09 Departure

My trip was coming to a close. I didn't sleep worth a flip, with many other things on my mind, the largest of them not wanting to come home. When I did finally get up, I spent the first hour or so in reflection about all I'd done on the trip. I decided there wasn't anything I'd done I regretted, everything on my "sightsee" wishlist was completed, and if I had any questions about life during the trip, they were answered.

T and I hung out at his house for the morning, creating the final two photo CDs, and then we enjoyed the full picture album of the trip. I couldn't have asked for a more gracious host. At the airport, check-in was a breeze. The gentleman that printed my boarding pass said to me, "You can just enter IAH in the box here, since that's just a connection." I replied, "Nope, that's the final." He said, "You're Texan? Serious?" LOL... "No , I'm a transplanted Yankee." I got the funniest, confused look. I guess I was starting to look like a resident...

After more relaxing & reflecting on the trip, it was time to say goodbye. I had the best vacation I've ever had, did more than I thought I could accomplish in four days, and enjoyed every minute.

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