Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How We Look in Winter / AQHA Update

Ransom photos Feb 2, 2009
Romeo photos Feb 3, 2009

Jenn called a friend, and called the AQHA on my behalf yesterday afternoon. As evident from yesterday's afternoon blog post, I was beyond giving up on them.
After a discussion with a particular employee in the Registration department, I've summarized all of my efforts to get the papers transferred, sent along documentation proof of the letters I've mailed to the breeder & the last owner. I've taken pictures from every angle, and I've emailed them along.

Planning to give it a few weeks, then pester (& nag) again for a progress update. There's no reason why this can't get done. He's my horse, lives in my yard, and carries me around carefully everywhere I want to go. No reason I can't have proof he's mine.

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