Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Final Reflections - LA

Fun Phrases & Thoughts that I won't go into detail of explaining,... yet... maybe never. But for those that were there with me, they have a meaning, and should spur some laughter.

Evelating .... and the Evelator Tuesday morning
Wheelchairs.... enuf said
They weren't regrets this time (neither one) - we did take the picture
Tourist picture!!
*Wide Open Mouth pictures* ...wooooow
Restroom signs
Powdered Sugar

It was an amazing trip. A very refreshing vacation, at a time when I really needed it. Things with life (& work) had become entirely overwhelming, and I needed to get away from all of it. I spent the vacation almost living outside of my own life, but still being myself. I kept my quirky habits (like waking up at dark-thirty daily). I experienced things I never had, and got a chance to appreciate how great my life is.

It's great to be home, as I was surrounded my four legged companions yesterday evening. We all turned into bed pretty early. The horses fared well during the trip, though Ransom must've been missing me, as he's lost a little weight. It should come back pretty easily, with the round bale in the pasture, and him separate from Romeo again. At some time, I'll blog riding updates, as Cowboy Les babysat for me, giving both the boys some exercise.

Back to the grindstone. As I mentioned, I have Friday thru Sunday updates already written, saved as .docs on my personal PC. Should get around to loading those tomorrow. As for the photos, I have some cropping and such to do first - they're HUGE images, and I think Blogger would lock my account if I loaded them in full size.

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