Friday, February 13, 2009

2/12/09 Back to It

Okay, Okay.. For those that read the vacation blogging, and thought to yourself, "I'm ready to hear about the horses again, already!!", here we go!

Tacked Ransom up last night. I was told he got pretty antsy when Romeo was taken out of their pasture for rides, so I figured he'd been working himself (beyond the one exercise ride he got on 2/8). Saddled up dressage, and he was licking & chewing the whole time I was getting him ready. I heard, "Thanks, Mom... missed ya."

He worked in the round pen on side reins (at 4) for about 15 minutes, then I hopped on. We worked on walk & trot only. I was having trouble with my left ankle - when I purposely put my heels down, the ankle was cramping... when I'd concentrate on relaxing the ankle, the rest of me was getting out of whack. I'm certainly out of practice.

Total work about 35 minutes. We had a good time walking around, enjoying each other again. He was all happies when I took the grooming stone to him, scrubbing out loose hairs from his rump. Cute boy!

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