Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Source of the Seeing & Driving Problems

Blind as a bat! I had my eye appointment, and happily report it's nothing serious. My prescription has just gone down the tubes, eyesight has gotten intensely worse since my exam two years ago. bah humbug.

New glasses will be ready today, contacts next week. The optometrist must've had fun with me. She finished her "better 1 or 2" test, switching lenses all over. When both eyes were good, and I could see clear through the new rx lens, she said, "Okay, here's old prescription. " ARGH! I couldn't see SQUAT! All the lines were blurry blurry. Holy tafooie!

Tonight, I will see clearer. I'm thankful for that! My new glasses almost make me look my age, ah! The moment of being able to see clearly, and not straing driving down the road. I can hardly wait!

Ransom and Romeo pouted last night as I stuffed Equimax down their traps. YUK MOM! That tastes GROSS! Ransom said to me, "Look how high I can get my head, Mom!" As I lifted the tube, I said, "Yeah, Bud! And look how long my arms are!" LOL.. Mission accomplished for both. Romeo's come a long way - He'll let me paste him now without even putting a halter on. Good boy!


Jessie said...

New glasses are always fun, huh? I LOVE the new title photo. Those trees are so cool.

Jennifer said...

Thank you much. It's my favorite shot that I took from my LA vacation two weeks ago.