Monday, February 23, 2009

2/22/09 Working Cows

I drove to Cowboy Les' house, and was assigned Amigo the babysitter as my ride. Les has a new saddle now, one that fits me real good! We headed to the ranch, intending to count a friend's cow population, and "see what we'd see" out there.

We counted about 40 head, about the number expected. Found one dead cow, and two dead hogs (how strange, someone shot them and left them to die.. EW!). We spotted one half of a buck's dropped rack, which I have and will find a neat hanging place for it at home, along with a few sets of bovine skeletons (ICKIE!). I snuck up on an armadillo, and got about 2 feet away from it, walking right up on it. Les said to me, "He can't see directly in front, so walk up straight to him, and see how close you can get." I think Amigo could've stepped out and squashed him we were so close.

Les rode Sugar... And they had .. umm.. Fun. Sugar spooked and blew at...
Deer (Amigo too.. thankfully not a spill-off, but a slightly unseated rider)
A plastic sack
Rustling leaves
Rose Hedge
Two windmills

Some of the brush we had to ride through was as high as me atop Amigo. Deep stuff. But, Amigo, the veteran ranch horse, pludged along through the weeds, only running me into a few hedge sticklers. He went in and out of a few ditches, walk and trot, and stayed the course of "checking cows, and protecting rider."

Total work out for the horses (& me) was nearly two hours. I drove home later in the evening begging for a soft bed and quiet puppies. I got both.

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