Friday, February 20, 2009

The New Shoe Dude D

Mr D was supposed to be at my house "in the morning". So I sat around the house, waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and .... did I mention I'm IMPATIENT? I had a half dozen other errands to run in town, and realized by 10am, I didn't know if he was coming or not.

I planned to catch & tie Romeo, and stick Ransom in a stall, and head out. Walked out the front door, and "OH! Hello Mr HorseShoe Dude!" His truck was back by the barn, Romeo was up & tied, and he was out catching Ransom. OOPS! We exchanged formal greetings, and I left him to complete his job.

I left anyways, ran my errands, and came home to two happy horses with eight good feets! New shoes for all!

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