Tuesday, June 2, 2009

06/01/09 The Fairies Have Landed

Fairies landed right in my pasture. Wandered to my arena, mowed all the weeds down, and evened out the footing. Ransom, Romeo, and I, were shocked to see sand, and dirt, where we once saw nothing but weeds & grasses.

So Ransom and I saddled up, and took advantage of the new conditions. I put my event saddle on, full cheek slow twist, and off we went. I set up ground poles, one on each long side a few feet off the rail.

We focused only on walk & trot, and even then, spent most of the time loose rein walk, unfortunately. (It was one of those nights I spent more time on the phone in a stupid argument than I did riding. Ransom was a good sport, bumbling around the arena at the walk, never once reacting to the tension in my voice. good boy!) At the trot, I let him step confidently over the rails, intentionally making a good trot space in front, and a few times, focusing on the rail at the last minute. He never even made contact with them, stepping over, ears perked forward, and for all purposes, sure seemed happy with himself.

After goofing off with the ground rails, I put him on the 20m circle, and concentraetd on some transitions. They were better than they've been, and I let him walk it out after a few good ones each way.

More than a "training session", but a therapy session for Momma. A brain-break for my horse, and a stress reliever for me. Hooray for Ransom, for tolerating the extracurricular nonsense that interfered with my time with him. Lesson tonight...

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