Thursday, June 11, 2009

06/10/09 Chores

Cleaned the water trough quite a bit - it's not 100% done, but well started

Washed a load of polo's and one pad

Refilled temporary smaller water buckets

Sorted through horse supply catalogs & kept most recent version of each

Vaccummed inside

Took out Trash

Did a load of human laundry

Reclaimed MacKenzie (as she ducked out under the back porch & took herself for a walk)

No rides, but plenty of chores done, and a few more to do. I've got at least another load of polos & pads to tackle, the trough needs finishing (fish replaced back to their home, high power spray at the car wash, and clean water).

Who knows anything about large water containers? How do ya'll keep 'em clean? Mine don't stay clean, and they're entirely too big to clean this detailed on a regular basis.

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