Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Affliction of the Learning Dressage Student

I have been riding on light (to no) contact for, oh, about 9-12 months now. Until the last few weeks, when Barbara shortened my reins, and taught me to pulse the reins to get Ransom collected.

Now, I'm noticing something. Sitting at my work desk, typing away a series of emails and work reports, I noticed..

Rough skin on my fingers
outside edge of index finger
side knuckle edge between my ring fingers & pinkies

Someone tell me now how that happened?!? Gosh darn it.. dressage-fingers, or something like that. Gonna have to find some lightly colored lightweight gloves or something, all this riding "nonsense" continues..

*laugh giggle laugh*


Stephanie said...

hehe... dressage fingers! Love it!!

go for a nice crocheted backed glove, great and light weight.


Jennifer said...

Probably gonna have to do that. I did notice when I switched to my new birthday bridle, the smooth leather reins were easier to hold onto.
Might toss some conditioner on those this weekend, see if I can handle that.

Ain't heard any complaining about the dressage-fingers from R yet.. Maybe I'm okay still? *giggle*