Thursday, June 18, 2009

06/18/09 Back In Action

Rode early evening, well after the heat of the day was easing. Ransom got to actually work & play in his new saddle. Our new mounting steps were delivered & set in the arena, and they work great! The top step leaves me with only a few inch lift to get my foot in the stirrup, and a very easy sit to get in the saddle. Instead of having to tug on the saddle to pull myself up, I just have to about lean over! A fantastic birthday present for sure!

He is great in it! Gave me a nice big trot, even tried to round his back a few times, which I didn't expect much since he's been off for over week. Phenominal workout! Even snagged a tiny bit of canter, but most of my focus was on bending at walk & trot.

We worked together for about 35 minutes including his brief free arena warmup & walkout cool down. I didn't want to over do since he's had a long break. Still, with deer sprinting from the trees, and the neighbor's cows plowing around behind the pasture, he did great. Briefly distracted only for moments, Ransom was a willing partner for the ride.

Had a great evening overall!

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