Monday, June 29, 2009

6/25 - 6/28 Weekend "Vacation" - Saturday

Woke up Saturday morning to find we'd slept late. Well, so had everyone else, a detail I found very funny. When R looked at his watch, he said to me hurriedly, "It's already 9:00!!" He peeked out the bedroom door, to find only one other couple was awake, and they'd just gotten up a few minutes before. *whew* We did sleep late, but no later than anyone else! Thank goodness!

The family wandered again down to the river for the morning, while R & I took some time off alone to do a bit of shopping & exploring. Visited a few neat tourist-shops, full of little bits local to the area. Also took a drive through the rest of the cabin-resort area we were staying at. The river was low *everywhere*, and I'd quickly discovered that our little "floating pad" on the river was one of the best as far as water goes. Plenty of people in other spots on the river, crowds all around.

Returned around lunch time again, just as everyone was returning from their morning play. Had a nice lunch break, cleaned things up, and again began preparing my evening "offering" - apple crisp. A recipe modified to meet my diet needs, but fabulous nonetheless.

Another brief nap, and back to the river. This time, however, soon after we arrived, everyone else was ready to head home, so we were alone most of that afternoon. I laid in the innertube, parked myself along the edge of the river, and faced-up to the sun, allowing it to bake me into a suntan. The wind was blowing just enough that, combined with the occasional splash of riverwater, I nearly fell asleep. Note: Nearly! A few of the youngsters in the family were around playing, water-guns in-hand. There was no chance I would allow myself to totally fall asleep, as I figured I would either be squirted in the face, or my tube "accidentally" shoved down stream, waking me up in sheer terror. When the boys wandered off to fish, R and I spent some more time talking, resting, and relaxing.

I retreated for the night to the room, where I hid under a few good books and my mp3 player. What I thought would be a long night's rest was by far the shortest of the trip. All in all, still a decent evening.

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