Monday, June 1, 2009

The Fairies are Coming!

Arena fairies
Coming to my house
This morning
(making those corners much easier to travel into)

Hay fairies
Coming to my house
Middle of the week
Fresh cut
Fresh fertilized

Mower part fairies
Shopping today
That darn thing will work

Fairies are cool! =) Make this living alone in the boonies thing much more easier!


casstheamazinghorse said...

I think the fairies need to come visit my barn - the arena is a messy disaster!

Jennifer said...

:) I'm thinking the fairy at my house doesn't travel... :) so sorry...

I think Ransom's gonna apprecaite using the rest of the arena, too.

Stephanie said...

boy oh boy! You are one very lucky lady, fairies only visit very special and deserving people!!

Jennifer said...

It is pretty darn sweet! Hay fairies come later in the week yet..