Monday, June 8, 2009

A June Survey

I stuck a survey up, top right corner. I've been reading lots of training blogs, and I'm just curious - If ya'll could have it however you chose (horse was available with the breeding you wanted, gender you wanted, etc), what would you pick?


Tammy said...

We've talked a lot about this on a list serv I am on. Having only been into horses for the last decade, I have made my mistakes. First bought a 3 yr old who just had 30 days. We still have her, but what a ride it has been! I then bought a 4 yr old gelding w/ a decent resume. Being a newbie, I think I truly didn't appreciate what he knew. Luckily he tolerated me and my kids! He's now 13 & whenever I get on him its like coming home again!

My main ride now is a mare from the first horse I mentioned. I sold her as a yearling & bought her back as a started 3 yr old. I've had a trainer work with her over the years. We're getting there!

If money were no object and I was in the market once again, I would search for what I was looking for -- bloodlines, color, size, etc. Buy unbroke and send to a trainer who knows me, how I ride & what I plan to do with the horse. No baggage from anyone else.

Ah, dreamin....

Mrs Mom said...

*USED* to be, I'd have gone for number two all the way.

These days? I'd love to be able to just climb on and RIDE! LOL

Jennifer said...

LOL I haven't voted yet - Haven't ever given babies much thought. They're cute & all, but I'm thinking much much to much work to teach & tolerate until they mature.

Tho' it would be nice to not have past history to "clean up".