Monday, June 29, 2009

6/25 - 6/28 Weekend "Vacation" - Sunday

With the trip nearly over, I had progressed past "the girl everyone's watching" to one of the crowd. I had become comfortable enough around most of the family & friends that I'd stopped worrying about "who was watching me" or "was I relaxed enough", and just started being plain old me.

Nearly everyone on the trip enjoyed breakfast together in the lodge restaurant. Fantastic service, and fabulous food. A great time to relax, and our waitress was phenominal, given that she had our group of 20 (along with other patrons), split over three tables, some checks covering 2-3 tables, folks spread out all over.

With breakfast complete, we headed to the room, and began packing our things, gathering & loading in the truck for the trip home. With one item forgotten, we had to turn back, but still had a relaxing trip home.

So, I "met the family", a task worth accomplishing, and got some relaxing in myself. The best parts of the trip had to be the time alone on the river, relaxing, and enjoying some quiet time with my sweetheart.

Final thoughts and funnies will come later today, if time allows.

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