Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6/8/09 Ransom & Headcolds

I think both boys have headcolds of sorts. Runny noses, a little bit of coughing. Nothing severe, but I'll be calling the vet after a while here & getting their opinion.

Saddled Ransom up & worked for about 45 minutes total. Light work at canter (coughing about once per circle, one big hack.. yuk), and plenty of trot. I did what I could remember for the three walk/trot dressage tests. GAG II has a 2-loop serpentine that just ends up looking like a figure 8, and GAG III has this neat little "20m circle with 2-5 steps of walk crossing over the centerline". Neat... He wasn't too bad at any of it, and has learned that the long extended walks on a loose rein are his chance to stretch down. Good Boy!

Considering the sniffles & the few cough spurts, he really did quite well. Lots of good trot work, though some felt slow, he was rounded up on his back - which means it was probably a gorgeous trot, but felt light from collection. Some of the trot to walk transitions were less than pretty, but that was near the end of the ride.

Had fun.. Enjoyed our time together, as always.

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