Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lightbulbs Out of the Saddle

Check out Janet's Head-Flipping post today! It's my light bulb moment of the week, without being able to ride a lesson.

A few months back, Ransom was tossing his head in rides - He'd decide "enough" bit contact, and start yanking the reins from my fingers. I figured it was just too much bit contact, and let out.

In my BRM lesson, Barbara scolded me for this. "No! He's taking advantage of you! Yank on him, and growl "no". He'll quit it eventually when he realizes that isn't the release he wants."

So I did. And, thinking about it, he hasn't been throwing his head around in forward trot & canter. In the transitions from collected walk to extended walk, he still tries it occasionally, but not nearly as much as he used to.

It works! Light bulb!


Stephanie said...

Have to love those light bulb moments!! It really is nice when things just seem to click...

Jennifer said...

It was pretty darn cool to read about what Janet said to work through the head-tossing, and recognize I did it a bit similar, but got the same final result.

Additionally, in my 6/12 BRM lesson, Bobby was also head-tossing. Leslie said, "That's how you can tell a kid's been on your horse! Kids let them do anything they want to get a break. Takes the horse only two tries to realize they can pull the reins clear out of your fingers. All the more reason to hold on tight!"