Monday, June 8, 2009

06/08/09 Not As Planned

Well! Talk about something else! Grrrrr is a good description.

Church music went GREAT! The group stuff was awesome, and my part was good, too. I was in fact a little bit shocked it went well - practice at home that morning was foul, practice at the mic check was also nasty... But after the warmup of singing with everyone else, I guess I was ready physically and mentally. :) Pretty cool!

R and I separately got somethings accomplished, then headed to Houston. Did a little shopping, window browsing, that sort of thing, then headed to dinner before concert. Yummy Italian place - been there twice now, and I'm very impressed. Much like the Italian I grew up with, less like the chain restaurant stuff.

Started feeling a bit off, and assumed it was overload at dinner, combined with walking to the concert venue. We organized ourselves, I had another restroom break, but still not feeling very well. All the symptoms pointed to low blood sugar. Went to First Aid for a check, and, after two meters didn't work right, gave error messages (and some questionable blood sampling techniques), the meter read 117. That's odd.. Because it sure didn't feel like 117 - shakes, thirsty, a bit disoriented (couldn't string together more than about half a thought), and intensely nauseous. Took two chewable Pepto tablets, and decided I'd rather be in the truck, or sleeping at home than feeling that miserable out in public. So, sadly, we loaded up half way through the concert to go home.. =( Massive disappointment. By time we loaded in the truck, I was starting to feel a tad better - and I promptly realized there was probably sugar in the Pepto tables, raising my sugar, making me feel better.

Got to the truck, used my meter, checked sugar, it was 87! No way that other meter was right. R, afraid someone else could get sick that same night, drove us back to the concert venue, and found one of the medics that sat with us. He said to R, "Well, I'm a diabetic. Let me finish what I was doing, and I'm going to run in & check. Thanks for the heads up!" I took a few more swallows of some regular Coke, and took a nap on the way home.

A bit of a scare, but fortunately, I did catch it before it was entirely out of control. My suspicions were correct - it was low sugar, no matter what their meter read. I'm starting to get a better handle on this - knowing when I don't feel well. I will, however, need to work on a better plan for eating & taking care of myself the day before and the day of an event like that.


Stephanie said...

Glad you were OK!! A bit scary that the first aid medics did not have a good working glucose meter...

Bummer about it ruining your night, but always better safe than sorry!

Jennifer said...

Yeah it did kind of ruin the scheduled fun, ya know? Oh well.. I am feeling a bit wore out this morning, but nothing more.