Monday, June 15, 2009

06/14/09 Had to Try It

I stuck my new saddle on Ransom for a ten-minute walk around the side yard. I've cleaned all of my tack, washed all of the polos, and the pads, and just couldn't wait! Patience is not my strongest feature, in fact I have very little. Jen came over, and we hung out for a while during my quick ride.

Until Ransom builds up some wither & increased topline muscles, I'll still need my Mattes half-pad, but with that, it fits him great! He rides really really nice in it. After a few minutes, he stretched out & had a really nice big flowing walk. I didn't ask for much, since he's still on his antibiotic.

Gave the last crushed pills to both this morning. Romeo is looking great! Ransom still had some boogers yesterday, something I'm hoping will fade off very soon.

Planning to tack Romeo up tonight for a quick walk in the new saddle, just to see if it fits him at all. It fit pretty well on Bobby, who was similar in size & shape. It can't hurt to put it on him once, just to see.

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