Wednesday, June 10, 2009

06/09/09 Doctor Says

Infections for all! Well, for the boys, at least. Took Ransom to the vet yesterday late afternoon. Temperature was about 101, lungs were clear, but stickie runny yellow nose, occasional cough during work, so the vet offered up a penicillin shot, sodium iodide iv expectorant shot, and smz pills at 15crushed twice a day. We also picked up pills & penicillin for Romeo, and headed home.

I have entirely no clue how they got sick - vet thinks it's airborne. So, as a just-in-case, I've got individual water buckets filled up, and have full intentions on cleaning out the big trough this evening. It's gonna be a yuckie job, but it needs doing.

Still ironing out BRM plans for Friday. It was scheduled to be a Ransom lesson, but he'll be staying at home. I've got some tack to pick up, and I'm hoping to snag a lesson while there. It still shouldn't be a solo trip, as plans so far indicate I'll have pleasant company for my journey. (We're combining work & pleasure - pretty cool lucky situation to be in.)

Until the boys are well, it'll be water trough cleaning, wrap & pad washing, and tack cleaning. Once they're off the meds, it'll be high time to get back to work. I'll be searching for non-riding updates and useful information to entertain ya'll with until then.


Stephanie said...

Hope they are both feeling better soon!

SunnySD said...

Well crud! Glad you caught it early and it can be nipped in the bud.

Re. survey: having done it the buy a baby way - I don't know if I'd do it that way again, although I'm not sorry I did this time.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, ladies. We had a little less boogers this morning. Hoping they continue to improve.