Monday, June 29, 2009

6/25 - 6/28 Weekend "Vacation" - Thursday

If anybody missed me, I'm back! Now, where did I wander off to? One bad lesson-ride, and I vaporize off the blog-world, AND I spent time out of the saddle?! Foolish, huh?

While everyone was enjoying a peaceful weekend of rides and trips, or watching it rain, I went out of town for the weekend. I have accomplished a task, and, um, learned a few things. Thursday afternoon, I packed my things, hauled the girls to the vet for boarding, kissed the boys on the nose (and told Ransom to miss me!), and headed to R's house, to find him packing the truck swiftly. By about 7:00pm, we were on our way. We were? But where did we go?

It was the "annual family vacation" to the Frio River, west of San Antonio, TX. Who's family vacation? His! R's sister & her immediate family live out-of-state, and came for their annual vacation, meeting up with other family, and a handful of friends. Everyone assembles at a cabin-rental place near the river, for as much as a week, or as short as a weekend, whatever the calendar allows for. I was invited, oh, about two months ago, and began making plans to attend. The trip there was rather uneventful, except for what looked to be a horrible car accident in SA. Prayers sent up for the victims of the wreck, as well as the emergency services folks helping in the rescue & clean-up. We arrived late (late!) Thursday evening.

In reflection, that was probably the more entertaining part of the whole weekend. We unloaded our things, and went to another's cabin to have dinner and visit. As we turned the corner to the back porch, all conversations seemed to stop at one time. It was an awkward moment of "Hi everybody! This is Jennifer!", followed by a string of introductions that, at that moment, meant absolutely nothing to me. I was quickly overwhelmed by good conversations. But, do ya'll ever get that feeling you're being watched?! Because I sure did! These were the first few moments "meeting the family" - and I concentrated a bit on being reserved, while still staying alert & partipating just enough in the conversation to "get my bearings".

A successful evening meeting everyone, at least I hoped so. We turned into bed at a reasonable hour, and while I didn't sleep much, at least I relaxed... um, yeah.. right!

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