Wednesday, June 17, 2009

06/16/09 The Big Day

What a title, huh? I'm always full of it.. well, full of "what", that's a matter of opinion. My eyes are dark brown.. *grin*

Birthday was full of events & good celebration. The Birthday Fairies sent flowers to my office - what girl doesn't like flowers on her desk? Starts a good rumor, if nothing else. Oh yeah, and they're beautiful!!!! Fairies at the office treated me to mexican for lunch, and good dark chocolate. Again, what girl can't appreciate quality chocolate? That 75% cacao bar isn't appreciated by all around me, so less I have to share. =)

After work, I was able to successfully give Quest worming paste to both boys. Romeo took his without even having to put a halter on. Good Boy! Ransom is still a work in-progress. He quickly realized what I was going to do, and tried to raise his head above my arms. No luck. He also tried getting away, but his hunger outweight his flight desires. I got a halter on him, held by the cheek piece, and finally got the dose in him. He kept it in his mouth, and dove into dinner. We're making progress ...

I arrived at R's house to get ready for dinner, opened the garage door, and found my birthday surprise! Hand-made mounting steps for the arena! Hope to snag a picture at some point when my motivation gets going. They're fantastic! Three-steps high, and quite sturdy. Looking forward to testing them out in my first ride back tonight. Should be just the perfect height to take all back strain off of both boys when I mount up.

R and I enjoyed a chinese dinner together, and ran some errands, including a trip to wally-world for a few items. Among them, a new coffee grinder to make my morning java a bit less user-intensive. Won't have to think quite so hard in the mornings, much appreciated. We shared the remainder of the chocolate mousse pie from the weekend to finish off the night.

Do I feel any older this morning? NAH! A bit tired, as that alarm was not a welcomed sound this morning. Looking forward to my ride tonight, first in over a week that'll accomplish anything. Need to remember to keep it short. I'll take the MP3 player with me, and set it on a certain number of songs so I don't overdo it. Hmm.. that might mean I've got time for shorter rides on both.. hmmm.... *smoke rising above my ears*.. oops! Sorry!! I really ought to quit doing that in the mornings before all the caffeine reaches my brain cells.

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