Monday, June 8, 2009

6/6/09 Ransom Take Two

I chose Saturday to lunge him on side reins. Put on leg wraps, surcingle, and the french link bit. Off we went.

He quickly realized this would be lunge on a circle and not free lunge. Kept trying to make the circles smaller - solved with the lunge whip extended towards his shoulder.

Worked on walk, trot, canter, side reins on 8s (shortest they've ever been, but apparently where they'll work best). Solid 35 minutes of working lunge, followed by walk & trot out all around the arena off the reins to stretch out.

While stiff to start out, Ransom was much more compliant by work's end. I certainly noticed a change in his general disposition about work - he was much happier to work at the end than he was to start.

After Ransom's work, R and I spent an entire afternoon and early evening installing a motion light on my house. We tried installing one at my front door, but it was not the right size. Now, of course, could either of us have thought of that *before* we started the install? Of course not! :) Got it all installed (with much troubles), just to find the door wouldn't open past the light. Darn it! Installing the motion light on the house corner from scratch was much easier. Less troubles completely.

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