Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Awesome Moment...

Nope, folks. It ain't pony-related... I walked into choir rehearsal last night, ready to be semi-busy, but a minor participant.

That song, from back on February 22, is back! Absolutely stinking cool!

So I'm sitting at my desk, practicing softly to myself (since it's coming in through the earbuds, and I don't need to be scaring the co-workers)... Reflecting to where I was in life February 22, 2009.

Wow.. Good reads! Had it not been for the Award, some of that stuff wouldn't have surfaced so soon. I've grown as a rider, and personally.

Life is good... Despite some situations here & there, life is good. If you're following the details, Yep, everything's still the same, still wonderful. I'm still caught off guard and spoiled rotten, nearly every day.

OH, and those same fairies that work on arenas, deliver hay.. They also found the coffee mug that accidentally ended up on my desk. Can't wait for that first meeting with the bosses that I can put it to good use. *Laugh*


Jennifer said...

Yay for you! More SOLO! :) For those of you that won't get to hear it, it's very PRETTY! :)

Jennifer said...

*blush* Geez.. thank you ma'am.

Gettin' my practicing in today... hoping for the best.