Friday, June 5, 2009

06/04/09 Poking Romeo

I nabbed Romeo after work, told him, "Listen, dude. We've only got a short spurt before R comes to grab the mower. So I'll go easy if you cooperate. You be a dork, he can wait while we argue in the arena." Muddled around bareback just a bit, then tossed my western saddle on.

Worked on walk and trot, a few turns to warmup. Got brave, and set the flowerbox up in the side yard. He hopped it at the trot, and then realized it was possible again to adjust strides at trot. I should work on some comings & goings with him at the trot - spurs will be necessary. Dragging little bum...

R came, we loaded my mower on his trailer, then headed to dinner. A very quiet night, which all three of us needed. Ransom, however, was not impressed. He pouted, and threw his little jughead all over the place while I was preparing his dinner. Ding Dong was jealous.. He'll get his tonight for sure.

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