Monday, June 8, 2009

06/05/09 Ransom

Big boy had two days off, and it showed. Stiff,,, snarly.. We argued at the walk (!) about relaxing his neck and moving forward. I added contact, he'd get stiff, choppy, and nearly beligerent. Hmph! Put him on a long lunge around the arena, pushed him forward, and tried again.

We got about 20 minutes of good walk and trot work, but not much more. His desire to move forward on any kind of contact was non-existent. Stinker!

As I was beginning to enjoy my ride, work called. Had to promptly dismount, unsaddle, and put my work-brain on to figure out scheduling in the midst of an emergency. Ransom was more than happy to oblige - stinker!

Total "work" for him, that being defined as the amount of time his feets were moving, about 45 minutes. Amount that was useful & beneficial (imho), about 25.

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