Tuesday, June 16, 2009

06/15/09 Romeo Quick

Hosed out the critter-compartment on the trailer, and with that task, I've completed all of my tack-cleaning goals while the boys were getting healthy. All of the washables are washed, saddles & bridles cleaned, and things much better organized in the trailer.

Saddled Romeo up western, and we played a bit. I considered putting my dressage saddle on, but got distracted with a phone call, so western it is. I'm sure I was a sight to the neighbors driving by - a truly redneck moment. Horse, saddle, shorts, flip-flops, and a sports bra, walking and trotting around the yard. *laugh* Yep, that's a redneck moment... wow! What a funny thought.

Romeo was a trooper, with only one yuckie cough when I first caught him up. Otherwise, no sniffles, coughs, or nose-blowing moments. Ransom only had a few boogers that were easily cleaned up.

Romeo and I did have a big moment last night - he let me spray his face! I put a little water on his forehead, holding onto the halter cheek piece, then quickly started scrubbing his head with my hand. A few minutes later, I was spraying with one hand & scrubbing with the other. He let me scrub from both sides of his head, spray his cheeks, and even spray a little behind the ears. I was very careful to keep his ears dry, and he might just be learning to trust me. Good Boy! Must've felt really good, because once I got going, he didn't wiggle or move around hardly at all.

Tonight the boys get wormed. Tomorrow, we are back in action! I can hardly wait!!!

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