Thursday, July 2, 2009

07/01 Lesson -Track Right Right Right!

Ransom and I have most of those AnTiCi...Pation bugs worked out. He got a very quick free run warm-up, to get the extra gas out of the tank, then off we went.

I warmed up a little on the circle walk & trot, then proceeded to GAGII. No amount of effort Jen exerted would convince me - Halt at X, Salute, Proceed at Trot, At C, TRACK RIGHT! Not track left... Honestly! Right right right! Golly geez I hope I don't forget again... She'll saute me for sure!

First run through of GAGII, and while not incredibly straight diagonals, and not the most forward energy, went well. I didn't blow any of the other movements horribly. Hopped off at the mounting block, took a drink break, and let Ransom stand & wait.

Mounted again, and ran through some canter left and canter right. Great work, again.. His canter in both directions felt collected, and while "big", controlled. I was sunk deep in my saddle, able to push his stride with my toosh while keeping his frame. Very nifty! Took another dismounted break.

Finally, cooled out with a last run through of the GAGII test. Right right right! This one had even less forward energy, so the new thought is to add my baby ittie bittie spurs off and on for rides, and use 'em. Neat idea, because when I'm riding right now, I don't have any horse behind my heels, meaning I'll actually have to move my leg to put spur-to-horse. Previously, it was all I could do to not be constantly sticking the horse in the side, and with the saddle (and subsequently good position), the spurs might actually have a purpose.

Ride lesson was about an hour, and got much accomplished. His trot to halt and walk to halt transitions were, on average, pretty good. He got a little nasty there for a few, but promptly got back to work with a bit of, um, legging motivation.. *giggle*

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