Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07/07/09 And Then the Rains Came

1.1 inches of glorious rain at the airport, a few miles from home.

I arrived home a few minutes ahead of normal, heard the thunder rumbling nearby, so I hurried to feed everyone, getting the boys safely in their stalls.

The weather radio alarm went off, alerting to a severe thunderstorm warning for my area. Damaging winds, over 60mph, combined with penny-sized hail, and heavy rain. The alarm always startles me more than the storms do... pesky thing.

Anyways, it sure did rain. Hard, with strong winds. As I watched the ittie bittie radar on my phone (thank you Verizon Wireless, for working strong, even when my satellite TV gives out), a very strong cell passed over the house. Oh yes it did! Didn't need a radar screen to tell me, but I watched cautiously to see how long it would last. Power flickered a few times, but never stayed out more than a few minutes. A huge advantage to being on the co-op is my power remains when the big-name town company won't.

There was enough rain to leave puddles in the pasture, and puddles in the arena. It looked to be soaked up quite nicely this morning, but I didn't walk all the way to the arena to confirm. The area around my trailer was all puddles late yesterday evening, but looked to be soaked in this morning. I hope the same is true for the arena.

Lesson scheduled tonight for a last-minute wrap up review before I kick into "show prep mode".

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