Friday, July 17, 2009

He's Who? From Where?

Jen did some active searching after discovering Ransom's tattoo on his upper lip at the show... I was shocked at what she found.

DOB March 5, 1990
AQHA Registered name "Kings Plaything"
Racing Points - 38
Show Jumping Points - 2
2004 Qualified for AQHA World Show Jumping Championships
Previously owned (and registered to) TAMU Associate Head Coach - Hunt Seat

Holy toledo was I shocked! First, he's a bit older than I thought, which isn't a problem in my book. His age, combined with his show record, and his previous owner, completely explains his calm nature and lack of panic on Sunday at the show.

My man is definitely a senior horse, has "been there, done that" more than I could've realized, and did ya'll see he's AQHA registered?

I've got contact information for the TAMU Coach - Saw an email about AQHA transfer and USEF Lifetime Registration info. Need to get an email out to her. I'll be sure & keep ya'll posted.

My horse is a celebrity! Ransom SuperStar! =)


Mrs Mom said...

THAT is wicked freaking cool. Totally. Finding out the history is just awesome isn't it? I used to LOVE getting past race records from OTTB's. Imagine my shock when I saw that one fellow had won $3.2 MILLION. He wound up in my paddock, literally starving to death. I picked him up at the sale for like $150, out of pity. I looked him over the next day, and saw his tat, and tracked down his history... and was just blown away at his winnings.

Happy ending though- he wound up fat and sassy, shiny and slick, and a friend of mine fell head over heels in love with him and bought him. They are still together, and he is now retired to be a pasture puff that takes hand walks around the farm they live on.

Jennifer said...

I know it! I was, um, beyond stunned! Can't wait for the coach to email me back. Just as soon as she does, I'll invite her to the blog to read up on our adventures.

Ooh.. Momma... Me thinks I owe ya foots pictures.. Curious what you think.. Will try to work on that soon.