Thursday, July 9, 2009

07/08/09 Lesson - Wrapping It Up

Gift-wrapping the tests one last time before the show, I mounted up for my Ransom lesson.

For two days off, he was pretty darn good. He warmed up easy, probably due to the nasty hot, humid weather - yuk!

Ran through all three tests in a random order, and realized that GAG III was a little stickie, and very uncollected. Might've been the reins were too loose, might've been we weren't thinking ahead (read - I wasn't thinking ahead), but anyways, with a few breaks mixed in, he did well.

Took a break, ran through GAG III again, and it was much better. A bit more collected, with really nice trot to walk transitions.

At one point on the last GAG III test, on the last circle, on the first walk back to trot on the circle crossing centerline, I asked Ransom to trot with a bit too much leg. His head popped up, and he almost cantered! Almost! Good boy, I quickly retracted the request, and he bumbled along to trot. Jen and I laughed quite hard. Afterwards, she said, "a little less leg, and that test oughta look pretty good!" LOL

A good lesson, losing track of time, that made me a little late to supper. Oops! =) But a good lesson over all, the last before the big day!

I'm entirely anxious to see some riding video, as the last patch of it I've got was on a lunge line, Ransom held in side reins.


Jennifer said...

Note for you:
Make sure you have video cam bettery CHARGED and DVD ready to go so that R can VIDEO on SUNDAY....DEAL?

Jennifer said...

Yes'm. I'm planning on making me a stickie note & putting it on my phone on the way out the door from here. Then, either plugging it in as soon as I get home tonight, or putting it by the door so I remember to do it Saturday.

Your reminders are well appreciated, and they are one of at least three...