Wednesday, July 1, 2009

07/01 On the Horizon...

Intellicast Radar
Looking near Junction (TX)
Heading SE
Rain storms

Please, Lord... Bring us that big yellow cell of rain.. Send it straight to my house. I don't care if it floods my pasture, and makes me wade in mud for a few days to get to the barn..

We need rain
Plenty of it
I need green pastures
I need water on my arena

Here's praying & hoping ...


Mrs Mom said...

Fingers crossed that it gets to you!!!

Jennifer said...

Ok sweetheart, I checked out that Radar and don't see anything in site for us....sorries :(

Jennifer said...

Well, it worked out. It did rain, at my house at least.

Significant Other (SO) R reported absolutely no rainfall at his house, but I got a good solid downpour that watered the lawn, the flower beds, and took the dust outta the arena.

YAY! Any more would be great, too!