Sunday, July 26, 2009

07.23 - 07.27 Vacation Part II Sunday

Up & at it! Got cleaned up good, headed to the hotel's breakfast, and off to church we went!

Got to see a lot of old friends from church-back-home. It was nice. Among them, sweet Miss Virginia, a lady I wished had really been my grandma, but we pretended real good when I lived there. The church was full of lots of old faces and plenty of new folks too. Very nice to see old friends. We enjoyed a nice service together, and agreed later it was nice to just participate, and not have to worry about where we had to lead something or get "just the right notes." Good music, and a guest speaker. A nice time.

Back to the hotel to change, and then to mom's again. Momma was cooking her famous chicken dinner, by special request. =) R and Dad did some more talking & discussing, while I made our favorite peanut butter pie. Dinner was great!

Watched some comic videos (well, R did with Mom and Dad, I fell asleep for a few), and headed out. Had some stuff at the hotel room for my Mom that I forgot, so they followed us back to the room. Exchanged goodies, said our goodbyes, and back to the room.

Dinner was great, but while I enjoyed it, my sugar didn't. Got a little sick, and spent some time in the room packing up, and resting a while. Started feeling better, and so we went to Steak & Shake (upon R request), and grabbed a snack.

Bed early, with a long travel day ahead on Monday. Vacation nearly complete. My parents got along with R, and he with them. There were a few admittedly awkward moments, but everyone got along. Good conversation, and, surprisingly, my dad was very chatty. It was nice. I left the guys alone a few times, listening off to the side. Heard plenty of laughter, and never ending discussions. Glad to hear. Both parents later separately voiced their praise & approval, but for different things. Very interesting what they had to say... I'll save the juicy details. If ya'll are itchin' to hear, e-mail me, and I'll blab privately.

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