Thursday, July 16, 2009

Horse Slaughter, FHoTD, And My Thoughts

Here's the post that got my attention.

Which led to a little under 400 comments (at the time of my blog post), all over the board pro and anti slaughter. I see both sides of the discussion - sometimes, telling the horse goodbye via slaughter is better than the tortured starved conditions they live in. On the other side, buy a bullet, dig a hole, but give the critter a more humane end than dog food, huh?

Anyways, here's the comment I posted in response..

I'll step in it... I probably won't make it back for the banter response I guess I'll get - mail me if you're determined I see your answer.
I care about slaughter... BUT! Do ya'll realize or recognize there's a few other HUGE things going on in Congress right now that our elected officials ought to be paying attention to?
For example...Health Care

Cap & Trade
The "Next Stimulus Package"
Judge Sotomayor
Again, I care... But is this really the time to be adding "pet projects" to our Senators and Representatives workloads? Which would you rather they put their attention to? Horse care, or human health care?
I for one, would appreciate it if they'd mind their own business on almost all issues..
*here's where I duck & run*

I decided rather than duck & run, I'd open up the can of worms here, and encourage ya'll to discuss if you choose. I won't fight it either pro or con, but I really would prefer my Senator and Representative from my hometown region work on more nationally pressing human issues for now.

Okay gang, edit after the fact - If you read here, and don't regularly read Fugly or the comments, you might want to disregard this whole posting I've made. I just looked over the blog comments after my remark, and, while they stay slightly on topic of slaughter, it's gotten horribly ugly, crude, and inappropriate for young readers. If you've got kids or little eyes that read over your shoulder, don't go to the comments on my link above. Language, inappropriate accusations about personal lifestyle choices, I could go on. But I don't use that language on my blog, I don't put up anything I wouldn't let my Grandma or friend's kids read, and I won't send anybody to another link that does, intentionally that is.

uhhh.. back to that regularly scheduled programming, ya'll....


Mrs Mom said...

You know I agree with you- LESS GOVERNMENT = BETTER LIFE for us. Better life for US means a good chance of us being able to make more of a difference for more horses.

Go figure.

Jennifer said...

I know it... I figured you'd bite if I set the bait just right...

(YUP! Pun Intended!)

Mrs Mom said...

Smart arse ;)!

Have an awesome weekend there woman!

SunnySD said...

It's always easy to side with something cute & fuzzy - certainly easier than doing any research into health care or trade caps. Sigh.

But slaughter's actually a pretty rabid $$-related issue in some of the states that had packing plants which used to process horses - not a bleeding heart issue there, but an economic one. Even some of the packing plants that do cows & pigs are having problems do to the economy. It's the knee-jerk reactions I get annoyed with.

SunnySD said...

DUE to the economy. Good grief.

Jennifer said...

I completely understand. My problems with slaughter involve the sometimes inhumane conditions. I'm learning as I read... for sure. I do feel horrible for the places affected by the new laws that prohibit slaughter.

BUT! It's not always government's job to "fix stuff" - They usually don't fix it.

If we're going to lobby, and solicit their votes, and their attention, I'd rather we unite & care about things that are going to change our lives in a dramatic way. Horse Slaughter or Health Care.. Hmm.. Not a tough decision for me. I'd rather we act out on Health Care.