Thursday, July 23, 2009

07.23 - 07.27 Vacation Part II

Woke up way too early for the long day ahead, anxious to get going.

Finished laundry
Packed the rest of my things
Took girls to the vet for boarding
Washed dishes
Organized my laptop, camcorder, mp3 player, and all assorted cords
Headed to R's house, we fetched a quick lunch, and off we went. Headed for Houston.

Traffic wasn't so bad, though we ran into some serious rain & thunder storms. A few times, it was all I could to, wipers on wacko-fast, to see the highway. Sure did wish it would've rained like that at my house, though I was not so fortunate.

Plane ride was decent enough. Full flight, big plane, only one screaming child. Parents, if your son or daughter is screaming at the top of their lungs before we even board, would you please find a toy, a food or drink, benadryl, something?! I understand babies cry sometimes with the change in air pressure on the plane, but when dear child is bellowing before we even board, please consider the eardrums & sanity of the rest of us passengers? Soapbox for the day. =)

Surprisingly, no bad surprises at the airports, picking up rental car, or even at the hotel. Late Late LATE check in, as we arrived in Monaca, PA, a bit after midnight. R found his well-ahead planned surprise in the hotel room (thanks, Mom!), and we settled in for a good night's rest. Anxious for the day ahead, but also a bit nervous (me, personally, of course).

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