Monday, July 6, 2009

Snake 0, Huntress 1

Failed to mention..

R and I were cleaning up from my ride, he walked over to the old tie-post by my house to set my saddle down (to take inside). I walked over to the same spot, wet saddle pad in hand, and grabbed the dry one that had blown to the ground.

Shreeeeeeeeeak!!! ACK!
R: "What?"
Me: "um, SNAKE! Right there!"

It slithered under the side of the house, so we stared a while, unsure if it was poisonous or not. Finished cleaning up for the night, took the boys some hay, went to take my saddle inside. There he was again! Snake! Coiled up, laying atop the pile of dead leaves, right between the trash can and the tie post.

About a foot long
and UGLY

I retrieved my shotgun (awesome Christmas present, Dad!), and eliminated him. First lethal non-target shot with the new gun. A very good shot at that, as his little body went SPLAT over the leaves. He suffered a while, but was very dead by 9:30, and even more for sure dead this morning.

Looked up some pictures this morning. Looked much like a copperhead before I killed him. This morning, he just looked dead. the great white huntress strikes again..


Breathe said...

Do you do scorpions? Those things give me the heebee jeebees. And they are tough to squash when you're screaming.

Jennifer said...

I remember getting bit one time by a scorpion at my old apartment in town. I remember it biting me, I figured out it was a bug, swooshed it outta the bed covers, then realized "crap! That means there's a biting bug on the floor... I don't want it getting me again in the morning!"

So I got back out of bed, found a flashlight, and chased it until I got it squooshed dead.

Jennifer said...

OK. so....tally it up
Jennifer 1
Robert 3

Not bad....but me thinks yous got some catchin up to do! :)
Glad you were able to kill it! I'm not much of a 'snyper' myself. I think the 4 of us need to go to the range, you are much more accomplished shooter than I!

Jennifer said...

shhh... they'll hear you....

That be the first slithery snot I've seen so far this year.

T.M.E. said...

Wow I am glad we do not have shakes like that (or scorpions) around here! All we have are guarder snakes, and the cats take care of them ;)

I can really relate to your stories, because I am doing quite that same thing. Bought a 'baby' and an 'Old man' (Geldings, QH and POA) and they are teaching me just as much, if not more then I am teaching them.

It's so hard but I've never had some much fun!
T.M.E (The Mountain Equestrian)

Jennifer said...

ya, no babies here... just qualified babysitters. :)