Monday, July 20, 2009

07/17 - 07/19 Conflicting Priorities

Friday night, I could've ridden Romeo. I really could have. But, instead, I fed the furry fours, cleaned up, organized some things around the house, and spent the evening with R. We had a nice dinner together, and then I got to watch him play guitar. A peaceful evening.. Romeo much appreciated the day off, I'm sure.

Saturday, I got a late start to my day, thanks to Jen feeding the fours for me.. (thank you again!). What I thought would be a quick hair appointment turned into a five hour adventure. It does look good, but it was certainly a long process. My stylist takes her job very seriously, and, for upcoming special occasions, if I mention there's things coming in my schedule, she'll be even more careful.

So the Saturday work day at my house got completely derailed. R and I grabbed a quick dinner together, then hit the movie theatre to see The Proposal. Very Very funny... a bit appropriate as we've got a vacation together coming this weekend. Um, Vacation.. Yeah, I might think so, he doesn't. (More details on that closer to the trip...)

Sunday, again, I could've ridden, but I chose not to. After church, and lunch, and a nap, a small back porch project got completed, eliminating a canine escape route from the backyard. I got two new plants, "Pride of Barbados", and got those in the ground. Here's hoping the deer don't find them too yummy. They're quite pretty, as you can see from the link.

So, a horse free weekend. The boys are fixing to get some of this upcoming weekend off, anyways, so I wasn't incredibly inspired to ride. My sweetheart has been giving up some of his free time to spend it with me and the horses, so it seemed like just the right time to return the favor. Special thanks go out to Jen, again, for helping me not only realize this, but make it a reality. Thanks, girl!


jacksonsgrrl said...

It is hard to do the balancing act sometimes. I just don't let myself feel guilty anymore. I do what I can do spreading myself out....
Sounds like a peaceful weekend too!

Jennifer said...

Thanks... It was great that my friend suggested it ..

Definitely worth the pony-time-off.