Monday, July 13, 2009

7/12/09 FreeStyle Farms - Show Day! GAG III

Right after the test, Jen suggested we walk back to the trailer, offer him some water, me some water, and then back to the warm-up arena. I agreed. Hot, sweaty, and a little light headed, I knew a drink was in order.

Ransom hadn't been thirsty when we first arrived, but he sure was then. Jen let him have half the big bucket, then walked him around a bit. I grabbed some water for myself, and even though R pointed out I was shaky and a little disoriented, I declined a snack. I made the decision I'd rather slightly low blood sugar than nervous sick. Not entirely sure how I'd feel during the last two tests, I chose to keep an empty tummy, and fill it with water.

Back to the warmup arena for a few trot to walk transitions, and we headed in for GAG III.

Much better! I felt his best test of the day. He gave a solid ride, and for us, good transitions across the centerline in the 20m circle. Nice diagonals, and I felt myself purposely smiling throughout the test. I made eye contact with the judge a few times, glancing in her direction. I remember thinking to myself, "Hey! This is fun! My horse is doing good, I'm doing good, and we're having a great day!"

As I came up centerline for the final halt, again, I felt a big stoopid grin across my face. Oh yeah.. feeling good!

Score? 62.27. More comments about being tense, and not enough rein on the free walk. A remark that I used too much rein on the first circle trot to walk transition. Well, yeah! He didn't want to slow down, so I had to! *giggle* Anyways, for us, a good ride.

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