Tuesday, July 14, 2009

07/13/09 Romeo Hunter

Took Romeo and his hunt saddle out to the arena, and off we went.

Rode through walk, trot, canter, and then had a few discussions that after canter, not ever transition up means canter again. I'd alternate between trot to canter, walk to canter, then back walk to trot. Once he was thoroughly confused, and entirely relying on me for instruction rather than his own ideas on what came next, I set up one crossrail (lowest hole on the standards) and got back to work.

Trotted over the rail four times each way. He wasn't speedy, but wasn't giving me more than stepping over. Thinking back, I believe one time was actually a jump. At this point, for hunter-instruction, I'm not real sure how to teach him to lift both front feets.

We went back into canter-left, and I almost asked him to canter to and over the rails. Chickened out at the short side, looking down at the rail. Romeo had ears perked towards the fence, so he knows I considered it. I was riding without anybody around except four of the neighbor's cows, and decided it wasn't a good idea to jump alone... especially after a previous incident.

Total work including a few spins, turns, and side passing, 45 minutes. Fun had by all, including Ransom, watching from the rail, almost undoubtedly grinning about his 60+ scores & blue ribbon.

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