Sunday, July 12, 2009

7/12/09 FreeStyle Farms - Show Day! Warm-Ups

Heading to the show arena, I saw a few other folks riding about. As we got closer, I realized there were a few kids in the arena rambling around. Instructors calling out direction, one on a little remote microphone doo-dad - a neat little contraption, though I could still hear the instructor from all over the arena. Other instructor was barking out directions, very easily heard from everywhere. One little girl's horse had a spooky moment. My heart went out to the kid in the middle of the arena, tears and terror all over her face. She, and that horse, weren't going to budge. I didn't see what happened, but Jen and R told me later her horse probably spooked at the water fountain in the pond outside, and somehow, kid ended up just about on the horse's neck. She later walked around, then trotted, and even rode some tests. Way to Go, Kid! If it'd been me, I might not have had your courage.

Our warm-up was great! Ransom was hot & sweaty, but definitely knew why we were there. I rode a bunch of transitions, recognizing I needed to push him forward with my ittie spurs. He was quite compliant, and so I also rode through a few "mental pieces" of the test. While they had the arena markers out, and some cones for arena width, I rode the suggestions of the tests, not the actual parts.

It was our turn, and we were ready.. So I thought ...

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