Monday, July 6, 2009

07/05/09 Ransom Spurs

Saddle, bit, helmet, tall boots, spurs, off we went...

Warm up was nice , Ransom was heading out at the canter, but after a little spurt of goofy, decided it would be best to halt & get ready to ride.

The spurs are magic! Rather than thump-thump with my calves & heels, I just have to lift my heel, and stick 'im. He felt like he'd elevate & move out, at all three gaits.

Yep, even got my canter all the way 'round in! I had R come over to "babysit" - a loose term here. I was a bit concerned how Ransom would react to the spurs, so decided it would be best to have another set of eyes on the arena, just in case.

Ransom knew they were there, and reacted in kind, but, because of my saddle, and where my legs sit on him, it has to be a deliberate effort to "reach him" with the spurs. I can't accidentally stick him, which is great!!!

Fabulous ride, walk, trot, canter, rode through all three tests (though, I did ride through GAG II with the wrong intial direction.. LOL). A solid workout, and a very compliant horse! He doesn't overreact to the spurs, but respects them just the same...

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