Friday, July 31, 2009

(Y)our Beer Drinking President

Well, the more he acts, the more he talks, the more public decisions he makes, the more I dislike Obama, and the more I'm starting to like VP Biden. Check out the link, then see which part below that got my attention...

Gates and Crowley, dressed in dark suits, had Sam Adams Light and Blue Moon, respectively, while Obama, in rolled-up shirt sleeves, had a Bud Light. Biden joined them for a non-alcoholic Buckler beer.

So, while our US Troops are in Iraq, Afganistan, and numerous other countries, protecting our freedoms, standing up for what is right, in the face of armed & dangerous terrorists every minute of their days.... While folks are lining up for unemployment, losing the utilities in their homes, sometimes losing even their homes.... While Large Company employers try to figure out how to surge past the lousy economy and keep their staffs (& keep them paid fairly)....

(Y)our President was slamming back an alcoholic beverage, to "ease the tension" over some stupid misunderstanding where one guy appeared to be breaking into a home, and a police officer confronted him. A misunderstanding between a man appearing to break the law and a law official, and nothing more. All charges have been dropped, both men apologized, the President said "Yup, I should've thought a bit more before I opened my mouth."

Isn't this country grand? NEVER ONCE in my short life do I EVER remember hearing ANOTHER incident where the President of the United States was drinking with anyone in this fashion... NEVER! It's APPALLING! What an example he sets for the country - When life gets hard, you shove your foot in your mouth, and do something you shouldn't have oughta done, just drink a beer! It makes it all go away... All things are better with alcohol, and a beer with your buddies makes it all good.

Thank you Joe Biden for participating, but thank you more for not drinking.. At least somebody in the Big House was sober & with full awareness that night.

(And no, I'm not a completely dry, never-drink-a-day-in-my-life kind of girl.... But I also think VERY hard before I swallow that first drop - Where else am I going today, What else will I be doing, and Will I have a negative impact on anyone watching me by doing what I'm about to do.)


SolitaireMare said...

Well said, and well thought out. I agree!

Jennifer said...

Ya know... I didn't want to seem fussy about it, but from the moment it was on the news, I got agitated by the whole meeting.

The President
Of this large free country
Meddling in a small misunderstanding...
And I believe for all the wrong reasons.
Then does what I believe to be stupid "damage control" - setting a real bad example.....

I'm ranting again.. I stop. ;)

Breathe said...

Gosh, I spent most of the last 8 years feeling exactly the same.

That said, we can find something to dislike/project onto politicians depending largely on where we stand on issues.

The trick is to know your issues and not confuse them with the personalities in the game. Then you can vote what you believe in, not what the talking heads tack to the media walls.

I work in politics all day. It's easy to loose sight of your core beliefs when everyone is focused on painting each other with large, red targets.

Jennifer said...

Oh you misunderstand. I know full well what my core beliefs are. I didn't paint anyone with a red target - read again. I'm praising Biden for choosing to stay sober... While at the same time chastising the President for making sure everyone with access to the news knew he was having a drinking party at the White House.

I'm Conservative. I'm a Christian. I'm not anti-alcohol, but I think the decision was wrong.

And I'm not swayed by the media... That's why I don't watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and why I don't read the Wash Post, NY Times, NY Post, the list can go on...

I listen to Fox, I read some AP newslines, and I decide for myself.

And it was still STUPID to have a beer party in the Big House. NOTE... Before you blow your whistles again, I didn't say HE was stupid,,, I'm not even going there. I said his actions were STUPID.

I stand by my opinion... and opinions are like armpits.. Everbody's got at least two, and they may or may not stink.

Good night everybody... These probably be my last thoughts on the subject. At least for now... Until something else STUPID happens.

lytha said...

wait a minute, a bud light? really!??? there is no way on earth that man drinks budweiser at home. and bud light..what kind of a statement was he trying to make?

i thought this whole situation was odd too, from afar.

°lytha in germany, where there is no fox news, just THE news (that does not give the option for the public to decide)

Jennifer said...

Ya know, lytha, reading your comments made me think...

Maybe Obama was trying to appear like a "normal American" drinking basic-beer.

I don't know, but I still think it's wrong.