Thursday, July 30, 2009

07/30/09 Romeo... Romeo...

Romeo, Western, western bit. We played. Well, no, really, we worked. I spent my time focusing on controlling his speed with my seat. At each gait, I was trying to increase & decrease with toosh & thighs, and general mental energy.

For the most part, it was working. He is finally understanding that just because we pick up canter doesn't mean every up transition after is canter. I only had one "runaway nut" moment with him near the end of the ride. It was "rewarded" with backup around a corner & a good bit after that, and he quickly realized that wasn't a game I was playing.

The cows & their babies were at it again. One mom & baby pair scrambled across the pasture, and Romeo peeked, but didn't spook. Then, quite suddenly, he was five feet in off the rail, and I was "whoa'ing" him to a sharp bending halt. We turned to face the pasture to find about 4 more heifers and their babies, one quite new, uncoordinatedly bumbling around the pasture, trying to learn how to run, and sliding to a splat more than running. I rewarded Romeo for the quick halt, and while he did spook, he didn't focus on it nervous. We quickly walked off from them, and he peeked over once, I wiggled inside rein, and he focused right back on me. Good Boy! o O Now, teach your brother to be that responsive and unspookie! O o

We played together for about 50 minutes, including nice long walk breaks on a super loose rein. I really need to get some focus with him... Not sure when or how to proceed, but we really need something new to do.

Ransom decided he didn't need one of his front shoes anymore. Fortunately, it didn't tear anything up. I called Mr D and explained. We're moved up on the schedule for Friday morning. YAY! new feet new feet!

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Jennifer said...

Go get your HUGS!

I hugged you to congratulate you on your recent riding accomplishments! Way to go!