Monday, July 6, 2009

07/04/09 Independance Day & Romeo

Romeo got an early morning ride, as I knew I had a busy day scheduled ahead.

Put my dressage saddle on him, and surprised to find it fits decently. No need for the extra fluffy Mattes pad, just a square sweat absorber. Gave him his English bit, and off we went.

He was great! Now, his collection sucked, but his transitions were pretty good, and his forward motion was nice! He finally got out of the "WP jog" with intentional posting, and was nice & heading somewhere's in his trot & canter.

Rode about an hour. I lost track of time - something I do easily in the morning rides. I had my mp3 player singing in my head, and I was singing along... An entire album played through before I realized how long I'd been pushing him.

Calmed down with a long walk on a loose rein, feet dangling beside my stirrups. Very fun!

Got together with Jen, her hubby, R, and another girlfriend of ours for a dinner cookout, then followed up with fireworks in town with R and one of his friends. A nice display... and a sweet time with my sweetie. *mush*...

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