Saturday, July 11, 2009

07/11/09 Preparation - Last Day

The day before the show, we got back to business. Ransom got a mid-day work, fitting near the show time slots. I had already received my ride times (11, 1130, and noon), so I figured it would be good "mind preparation" to work him around show times the day before, rather than my normal "early morning or late afternoon", and find him grumpy mid-day at the show.

Solid lunge for 30 minutes. Lots and lots of transitions, brief sets at canter. Ransom only thought once that running off was better than slowing down.

In shorts, paddock boots (no spurs), and a halter top, (no helmet, either), I decided to jump on him and work out a few pieces of a few tests. Last-minute work, but he was good. A bit slow, but good.

Total work about 45 minutes. Followed it up with a good washing bath, hoof conditioners, mane & tail brushing, all the primping & pampering a show horse deserves. Ransom repaid in kind, walking straight to a dusty dirty spot in the pasture for a good roll. Big dork! He has almost never rolled right after a hose-down, but decided this was a good day. Monster must've known the show was coming, and decided a bit of dirt was totally appropriate.

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